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Swimming Pool Repairs and Remodeling

What we offer:

  • Pool deck resurfacing

  • Pool deck repair and resealing

  • Pool interior repair and restoration

  • Pool replastering

  • Interior epoxy pool coating

  • Pool tile replacement and cleaning

  • Hardscaping


Whether it's your home or business, your pool is a big investment.  At Custom Concrete Coatings, we understand that and offer many solutions to repair and restore your pool and surrounding deck.  Pool surfaces face a lot of wear and tear over time.  Plaster fails, paint chips, and the concrete decking can crack, fade, or simply look outdated.  Custom Concrete Coatings offers many solutions for worn out, dated pools.  


Pool interiors are just as important as the decking around your pool.  Custom Concrete Coatings can chip out old plaster and replaster pool interiors for a fresh look.  When properly maintained, pool plaster can last over 10 years. We are also a certified installer of AquaGuard 5000, an epoxy interior pool coating that eliminates the need for painting, acid washing, and re-plastering.  It is also algae and stain resistant and provides a strong, waterproof barrier over small cracks to prevent water loss due to leaks.

Maintaining and upgrading the decking around your pool is just as important as the pool interior.  Sometimes the deck just needs to be resealed and freshened up, or it may need a complete remodel. Decking materials are available in a variety of colors to compliment your exterior, and solar reflective coatings are now available to help keep decking cooler in those scorching summer months. Custom Concrete can provide a free estimate and inform you of which option would be most appropriate for your pool.

Hardscaping has become a popular replacement for pool decks, and there are numerous options available in color, shape, and design.  Custom Concrete can help you create that perfect look that compliments your home and personal style.

We also offer pool tile replacement and cleaning.  There are many new options available in pool tile that can update the appearance of your pool. Mineral deposits on tile are unsightly and detract from your pool's beauty. Custom Concrete can restore your tiles with its gentle and effective cleaning system that removes scale without damaging your tile.

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