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Metallic and Reflective Epoxy Flooring

Metallic and reflective are used interchangeably to describe this epoxy coating, and it's one of our specialties.  The use of metallic pigments creates remarkably impressive effects with depth, dimension, and movement resembling molten metal or even deep, mystical water.  This treatment can definitely up the wow factor to your home or business, and it is definitely "man cave" and "she shed" approved!

Like solid color epoxy coatings, this system creates a smooth, seamless look that's easy to maintain.  There are many colors to choose from that can be combined for a unique look.  No two floors will ever look the same, so they truly are one of a kind.  

Call Custom Concrete Coatings for a free estimate and see how we can create a stunningly beautiful floor for your home or business.

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